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Opening News statement…

This year starts full of opportunity for Multitech as it continues the journey in a new and exciting phase of its development. We finished 2021 strong, which makes for a very positive start to 2022. We achieved great sales, and were able to welcome new team members to the company as well as new projects, clients and service offerings. With our rejuvenated leadership team combined with an engaged and experienced staff, we look forward to 2022 with confidence.
Our first day back at work in 2022 would normally have started with our Safety Day for all of our operational staff. However, Covid disrupted these arrangements. As with all things COVID, this situation was pre-empted and we adjusted our plans to our alternative arrangements. Although disappointed that the company could not meet, the need to maintain our service delivery commitments to our clients and allow our staff to start the year in confidence, took precedence. However, it was great to see our operational teams virtually and update them on our year end, plans for 2022 and the importance on their feedback and suggestions. The Health and safety review and new year objectives will be covered with the site teams in their January team briefings. We were able to hold Directors meetings with the individual staff teams which proved an exceptional way to share and discuss company plans and objectives.
We are proud of the positive imprint we make on our clients achieving safe working environments, efficient sites and sustainable futures. Of note, in 2021 Multitech established a technical innovation working group to look into service offerings that support these three initiatives. We have already identified a number of great opportunities and we very much look forward to presenting and discussing these with our clients. Part of this will be the launching of our new website which will go live early in February.
We will continue striving to exceed our client expectations, and this year we will do all we can empowering people to safely build better communities. It is an exciting time.

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