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Reflections 2021

Throughout 2021, there was a feeling we were half way through everything. Depending on your mood, you could choose whether your glass was half empty or half full. The construction industry’s recovery to pre-pandemic activity levels was on the cards but there remained disruptions caused by COVID, with a suggestion of more to come. Projects were starting, or about to start, but there were questions over whether workforces would be available to commence management and construction. Then there were concerns relating to material supply issues, and if you could get them on time, would there be priced fluctuations? However, whatever distractions may, or may not have occurred, it was incredibly pleasing that the construction industry continued – jobs were started, workforces were available and materials could be procured. A testament to the strength of our industry and the resolve of those that work within it.

Much closer to home, after a three and a half year transition period, Multitech had a new Managing Director and we wished our founding owners and Directors a happy and prosperous ‘retirement.’ The legacy left in the company was the living success of the people, our values and a desire to continue exceeding our clients expectations. The last 6 months of the year allowed our Senior Management to refocus on business requirements and develop our three year strategic plan. We were then able to work with our teams on the importance of their contributions. To provide a focus for the company, the management team completed a purpose statement, a statement of our intent, which could be referred to in our company communications and the creation of our strategic business plan. Our purpose statement became ‘Empowering people to safely build better communities.’ There will be more on this initiative as we move into 2022, however we believe this statement captures what we want to achieve in our teams, departments and the company, as well as our wish to ensure our clients continually get our best, allowing them to concentrate on the success of their own teams and projects, bringing their best to the communities they work in.

In the second half of the year, through this period of adjustment, the company achieved all its financial targets. Something we are very proud of. This has enabled us to look towards the coming year with confidence and we are all very much looking forward to getting stuck in! During this period we also secured work with our existing clients, developed new customers, welcomed new team members and, through our newly formed ‘Innovation Team,’ introduced new service offerings – which are already being used on our clients’ sites.

None of the above could be achieved without our valued customers. We are so fortunate to be able to work with so many innovative and market leading construction and management experts. This is why it is so important to continually strive in exceeding client expectations. Our values of service, quality and safety will continue to be rigorously represented both on site and in the way we conduct business. We will continue the development of this commitment to service and our wish to add value to clients in our interactions.

This year we have learnt to remain agile, adjusting to new ways of working as well as understanding the importance of team work and a shared common goal. We recognise the importance of our people and thank them for their hard work and commitment. These qualities will allow us to work better with our clients and strengthen our support of them.

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