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StartRight 2023 Programme – Starting The Year Off Right

The StartRight 2023 programme, led by Managing Director David Rooney, was held on the 3rd of January 2023. It is an opportunity for us to review our performance in 2022 and identify areas for improvement in the coming year. The programme is open to all staff from both the Great Dunmow and Midlands offices, and focuses on conducting practical assessments of our risk assessments, method statements, and new behavioural safety methods to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees on and off construction sites.

Safety is always at the forefront of our minds. For the duration of the project lifespan, we routinely check and test the integrity of our installations to guarantee that your site is safe and compliant. Since all of our site workers are directly employed and part of our culture of safety and welfare, we also place a high priority on the security of your site. To make sure that all temporary site services are configured to meet your safety needs, we conduct dynamic risk assessments, so during the StarRight Programme we have to ensure that these are at the highest standard that they can be. In order to ensure that safety and welfare are top priorities on your site, we also evaluate all “near misses” as if they were accidents. This will always be a part of our “safety-first” philosophy.

We also had guest speakers from The Lighthouse Club Charity about the importance of mental health within the construction industry. Every working day, two construction workers take their own lives. ​We have to educate everyone in our industry to recognise the signs and symptoms of our colleagues that are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression and start the conversation to assist in their recovery. A very serious topic, but it was very refreshing to talk about such a taboo topic without fear of judgement or persecution. If you are struggling, or you think one of your colleagues is and could use some help, please do not hesitate to get in contact with The Lighthouse Club and make sure you/they get the help you/they need.

Obviously over the course of the day we covered some very serious topics, so we thought it would be a great idea to end the day with something a bit more lighthearted, to give everyone that mental break that they were probably all craving. With help from Richard Enion and the guys at Drumming Team Building, a Dragons Den success story, we held a full company drumming session, to help reduce the stress of our colleagues and bring everyone together. This was also the first time we had had everyone in the same room together, so we thought we should do something special to mark the occasion.

One of the aims of the event was to make sure that in 2023 we are standing by our company values, which are as follows:

Care – We have respect for everyone we work with. We look after our colleagues, our customers and the wider environment in all that we do.

Ownership – We make decisions, commit to actions and take responsibility for everything we do. We focus on a culture of continuous improvement by supporting and recognising positive behaviours.

Agility – We have the ability to react quickly to the ever-changing demands of construction projects without compromising on service or quality.

Passion – We are passionate and enthusiastic in all that we do. If we love what we do it will have a positive impact on our colleagues, our clients and ourselves.

Empowerment – We empower our staff to take control of their roles and responsibilities . We encourage them to solve problems, make suggestions and pursue new initiatives. 

Through workshops and table-based exercises, site teams are split up to share knowledge and information, making the event a valuable learning and development opportunity. Senior management is also present throughout the programme to share their expertise and experience, and all staff are encouraged to participate and contribute their own ideas and insights.

One long-time employee noted, “I already know they’re a good company to work for. They never let me down and I’ve tried not to let them down, and I don’t think I have. Well, I haven’t had any days off sick either, and I’ve been with the company over 20 years now.”

The day was structured as follows:

Demonstrations in Roding Room
By Managing Director, David Rooney
08:50Health & Safety
By Daniel French & AM Safety
2022 Review
2023 Aims & Objectives
Group Activities
Demonstrations in Roding Room
Health & Safety
Technical Innovation & Suggestions Drop
10:50Health & Safety
Guest Speaker: Lighthouse Club
Group Activities
Whole company lunch in the restaurant
By Managing Director, David Rooney
Vision, Mission & Values
14:30Team Building Workshop
Whole company

Overall, the StartRight 2023 programme is a commitment by Multitech Site Services to prioritise the safety and well-being of our employees, while also fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning within the company. Our mission is to provide the construction industry with exceptional temporary site services with a permanent commitment to our clients, our staff, site safety and the environment, and this event helps us take a step further towards that goal.

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