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Multitech Signs Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant strives to create a more open and honest relationship between employers, the Ministry of Defence, and reservists by pledging to recognise and understand the needs of the armed forces community.

Organisations promise to acknowledge the transferrable abilities acquired through military training and service and to make sure that people who have served in the armed forces are treated fairly and with respect in all facets of their lives.

By publicly reaffirming your commitment to preventing discrimination in hiring and employment practices at your company, signing the Armed Forces Covenant will help you establish a reputation as a forces-friendly business.

The Covenant is an unforced commitment. Organisations may decide to join in order to show their support for the Covenant’s tenets and the Armed Forces Community. The Covenant is open to all organisations, no matter how little, medium-sized, or huge they are.

Signing Up

Please download, fill out, and sign the template below if you’re interested in signing the Covenant. Please check here for a decent sample to use as a guide. Please send your signed copy by email to afcovenant@rfca.mod.uk after doing so.

Please send an email to afcovenant@rfca.mod.uk if you have any queries about signing the Covenant, what you can commit, or if you need any assistance during the procedure.  If you want to set up a signing event, you may also send an email to this address.


You must concur to adhere to two guiding principles in order to sign the covenant:

  • In some situations, special treatment may be appropriate for community members, especially the injured or bereaved.
  • No member of the armed forces community should incur disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen.

The covenant can be modified to fit the requirements and resources of your organisation. You choose how you will show your support by either creating your own pledges or selecting ones from a list of possibilities offered. Some examples include supporting Armed Forces charities while celebrating national holidays like Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Day by providing assistance to military members, veterans, reservists, cadet force adult volunteers, spouses, and dependents.

What to pledge

You are the author of your Covenant. While all signatories promise to uphold and operate in accordance with the Covenant’s fundamental principles, organisations are allowed to modify those promises as necessary to fit their unique circumstances. You may therefore describe in as much or as little detail as you deem appropriate how specifically you intend to support and preserve the Covenant. You can modify certain pledges to make them suitable for your group.

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