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Since formation in 1998 Multitech Site Services has been committed to providing professional temporary services with a focus on client satisfaction and exemplary electrical site safety.

Clients include:

2020 Reflections

Looking back at 2020 the first year of the new decade, it would be something of an understatement to say that it did not turn out as expected!!

The construction industry and our entire nation was challenged in so many ways beyond all recognition. At Multitech Site Services, we began the year in the temporary services industry with some major project wins together with a very good level of secured temporary electrical sales in our pipeline. We also had a whole host of positive temporary power enquiries as we headed towards the second quarter. All of this, unfortunately, got derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the first Lockdown and the mixed government messages around construction. However, after the wave of projects shutting and the initial shock we found that construction rallied and showed its best colours, as the industry reorganised to confront and operate within the new normal.

At Multitech Site Services, we took two days to make our Offices and Workshops Covid secure and continued in a limited capacity to serve those of our clients that remained operational. As more companies and projects returned, so we too increased our operations to meet demand. A large part of our activity during this time was centred around enhanced temporary services installations, along with temporary plumbing across the projects as more canteens, sinks and wash facilities were required to meet the enhanced safety protocols. It soon became clear that the construction industry was one rare ray of light in an otherwise stalling economy and bleak future for many businesses. A milestone for Multitech was that by the first week of August we had all of our personnel back at work gainfully employed carrying out temporary services work across all of our areas of operation. Indeed it turned out that the last two quarters of 2020 were exceptionally busy for us. The demand for temporary electrics and other temporary services was very high as the industry pressed on to catch up with the lost production earlier in the year. As we came out of the summer, heading into Autumn towards clock change and British Winter Time BWT, we found ourselves once more very actively in involved with temporary lighting. In particular, our LED Lighting offering proved very popular with clients during the darker days as we headed towards the year-end.

Optimistic about the year ahead

As we herald in the new year here at Multitech Site Services and look ahead into 2021, we do so with a sense of renewed optimism; The never-ending Brexit question that has literally vexed the country for decades has finally been put to rest. Not one but two vaccines have now been approved for public use and the country can again begin to think of the future. In very broad terms our expectation is that after a very dreary winter of lockdowns and continued social distancing, the country will begin to emerge from the pandemic during the late spring/early summer and with this emergence, we will see a new sense of purpose from both Government and Industry. This will result in new construction projects coming on stream and many of these will, of course, need temporary electrics and other services. As a long-standing recognised professional temporary services specialist, we will no doubt see our share of enquiries and projects wins in the coming year.


The safety of our personnel and those that we come into contact with through the course of our temporary services activities is absolutely paramount for us at Multitech. It is probably true to say that our clients buy safety, service and temporary power from us in equal measure. For the last ten years, we have held our annual staff safety conference on our first day back at work in the new year. This is a full-day programme enables us to gather the entire company together to carry out safety training and to hear from professional safety speakers, such as Jason Anker and Matt Hazelton as well as the Multitech Directors who will outline the Multitech plans for the safe delivery of temporary services for the year ahead. We consider this day to be an important part of our embedded safety culture as well as being very instrumental in making sure that we make a Safe Start on all of our temporary services installations in the new year. As you can no doubt appreciate we are no longer able to gather 120 personnel in one central location at the present time. For the preceding six months we have been holding our monthly team safety briefings and temporary electrical specific toolbox talks on a virtual basis, which has so far proved to be very effective. Rather than postpone the safety day we elected to hold the full conference on a virtual basis, which meant smaller personnel groups with the various presentations and speakers rotating across the groups throughout the day. All things considered, we were pleased with the audience participation, speakers and safe start results so far. It is, of course, different to the full live conference and we yearn for the day when we can once more gather all of our these temporary services professionals together under one roof, which all being well will be at the 2022 safety conference.


Our chosen charity as voted for by the teams at Multitech for 2020 was the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity, which was set up following the death in 1999 of the TV sports presenter Helen Rollason. She was a journalist and TV personality, who amongst other things was the first female presenter on the BBC’s sports programme Grandstand in 1990. The charity exists to provide complementary therapies, counselling and care for cancer patients. Running dedicated support centres in Essex and North London, along with five charity shops. Unfortunately, due to the general restrictions and difficulties prevalent during the last year, we were unable to raise any meaningful amounts of money for this worthwhile cause. We have therefore decided to extend our support into 2021. By way of a start point, the company has now become an official sponsor and we will be supporting them through numerous fundraising events next year, most notably will be the Rural Ramble and the annual road cycling race “Ride for Helen“ which will take place in May next year. (It would be good if we could get a bit of a squad up for that one, so we are laying down the challenge now to anyone in the company or indeed from our clients). We will be providing more details nearer the time of any events that we are directly involved in, either as participants, sponsors or volunteers during 2021 and we will continue to offer support where you can for this very worthwhile charity.


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