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At Multitech Site Services, we approach every project with the objective of delivering the optimal temporary services solution while minimising our environmental impact. We employ comprehensive waste and energy conservation practices that involve everyone in the business and extend to all areas of our operations.

Our wider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda represents our belief in a future built on more sustainable, efficient, and safe societies and give us a key point of difference in the industry. We set ourselves challenging objectives to ensure our long term financial, environmental, and social sustainability and are actively working towards achieving carbon neutrality within sustainability-related business goals.

To help assess our current contributions and commitments we have invested in Worldfavor, a software platform that enables us to better access and share our sustainability data so we can evaluate existing activities and develop strategies for the future. 

As the first business to develop a comprehensive design capability focused on environmental considerations, we set the standard for other temporary site services contractors in the UK to follow. Our Waste Reduction Policy adopts a responsible approach to design that considers social and community impacts and combines a range of measures, technologies, and expertise to deliver reductions in carbon emissions, energy, fuel, waste, and cost.


Promoting sustainable practices.

We adopt the ‘best practicable environmental option’ when engaging in waste management, always choosing to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover as opposed to disposal to landfill. 

We are a Licensed Waste Carrier and train our drivers using the principles of the SAFED driver development scheme, which educates our drivers in best practice for safety and fuel efficiency and allows us to make fuel and carbon reductions across our fleet. 

We take responsibility for managing the full life cycle of equipment and embrace the principles of the circular economy in our approach to waste management. Placing greater emphasis on equipment maintenance helps proactively manage waste and encouraging their sustainable consumption keeps them in active use for longer.



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