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Hanover Bond, London

Main contractor: ISG

Project value: £50 million

Start: Autumn 2019

Completion: Winter 2021

We were selected by long-term client ISG to supply temporary services to the site in Hanover Square where they were appointed to deliver the prestigious Hanover Bond development consisting of The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Mayfair and a Mandarin Oriental hotel. The project would see the construction of a 5 Star hotel offering 50 luxury suites and guestrooms and 80 individual apartments within a multi-level building featuring 4 subterranean levels and 9 and 11 storey towers above ground.


The project required a comprehensive range of temporary support services, with our team contributing their expertise to the initial design of the installation and being on hand to provide further input as the permanent infrastructure took shape and the temporary infrastructure needed re-designing to accommodate it. One such move required a full mains changeover to reflect the project evolution, with site visits required to gain information on cable routes and panel loadings before re-locating the primary MDA from the perimeter to B2 with a smaller supply.

The installation had to be carefully choreographed due to its central London location, with all deliveries needing advanced booking to maintain efficiencies and manage costs. Despite the challenges, we coordinated our part of the project with other suppliers to ensure the safe delivery of all aspects of the works on time and on budget.