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P2 Facebook Building, London

Main contractor: Kier

Project value: £150 million

Start: Winter 2019

Completion: Winter 2021

We were delighted to be appointed by Kier to provide temporary site services to their latest project within the major redevelopment of the 67-acre site at Kings Cross, the P2 development at Lewis Cubitt Square, a 12-storey scheme that is home to part of the Facebook office complex as well as a 600-seater theatre, with associated facilities, and dedicated retail space.


The project required the installation of what was at the time the largest Slipform core in the UK with a constantly moving triple stacked deck to which we fitted a dedicated 400A Mains, with 32A 400V supplies to the 8 hydraulic jacks located around the core that supported and moved it – a huge challenge to complete design and loading calculations to mitigate any potential loss of power which our team successfully overcame.

The COVID-19 restrictions began mid-project, creating fresh challenges related to on-site safety protocols, but again our experience and expertise enabled us to adapt and ensure the project continued on schedule.

The project was located at the heart of an area in central London undergoing an extensive transformation program, so it was imperative every element of the scheme was planned in meticulous detail, with allowances made for the unexpected and all materials and labour scheduled well in advance. Weekly on-site meetings with the client allowed our team to make design amendments as required to maintain optimum performance of all the temporary services and safeguard key project timings.

During the wet winter months, we introduced almost 300 metres of rainwater diversion stacks to keep the top floor clear whilst concrete slabs were being poured, working with the team at Kier to ensure we coordinated with other services and maintained existing schedules through to completion.