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Digi-Tech Factory, Norwich

Main contractor: R G Carter

Project value: £10 million

Start: Spring 2021

Completion: Autumn 2021

The Digi-tech Factory is a state-of the art resource providing students at City College Norwich with the latest specialist training to help them succeed in the UK’s growing digi-tech sector. RG Carter were successful in winning the contract to build the new 4-storey facility and based on previous experience, they appointed Multitech to provide all the necessary temporary site services.


The project turnaround was also only 20 weeks, so close collaboration with the client was critical at all times to ensure nothing impacted the schedule. We made special arrangements to deliver all plant to site at the beginning of the project, including specialist access equipment needed for the split ceiling heights of 4.5m and 6.5m on the ground floor.

We were also able to use our strong relationship with the client to gain their agreement to accept all plant at the start of the project loading out areas as works developed. The central location further dictated careful and accurate planning of all activities throughout the works.

The fixing detail was revisited once the frame was complete, with the original lighting designs amended so lights were suspended from new services to avoid leaving holes exposed in the new ceiling. The sub main cable routes were also adapted, with the supply cable for the compound MDA housed in a newly installed road ramp to avoid digging a trench across an access road.

As a responsible partner, we engaged sustainable practices on-site when possible, installing photocells on all floodlighting and an intelligent lighting system inside the building to minimise light pollution and optimise energy usage.

Maintaining pace was crucial to the success of this project, with client requests and site meetings requiring quick reactions and having worked with RG Carter on previous projects, we were able to benefit from the trust and confidence they had in us to secure quick agreement for any requests for access and variation works.